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The work begins when The Dean of Green inspects your lawn. The color will not run and is long lasting. The spray is water-soluble and is harmless to people and pets. A typical lawn can be "greened" in a couple of hours.


What happens on appointment day?

Our professional technician arrives promptly at the scheduled time. After an inspection of the area and some prep work (such as taping off sprinkler heads or figurines). The spraying begins and continues until the entire subject area is covered. The spray is harmless to lawns, pets and people. One application lasts through the season.

Real Estate Improvment

REO Agents- Foreclosures: In response to the foreclosure epidemic, The Dean of Green, brings the green back to those dead lawns hampering a quick resale. Our process literally cannot be distinguished from healthy green grass. This (along with a brief disclosure) may bring better viewings and quicker sales.


HOA violations- Avoid costly code violations for dead grass that carry possible fines up to $500. Homeowners associations, municipal commissions, and county officials are all imposing fines for brown and dead lawns even while the state is in its worst water draught.


Harmless for Children & Pets-  Pet urine and feces will not discolor the treatment. The treatment does not crack or chip off if trampled by people or animals. 


The Green Grass of Home

Large Lawns- This treatment has been used for years keeping athletic fields, golf courses, and resorts in all the best areas looking pristine and green for observance of its best image. 


Troubled Lawns- Children, pets, wild animals, dry areas and such all equal to high maintenance tendencies. Extra watering, extended systems or broken sprinklers all cost extra money on your bill. Did you know that sprinklers account for more than 50% of the average water bill? Save Hundreds and go green today.


Color Fast- Our lawn color is consistently rated as a "best color match" to real turf! Most competitors sell a commercial grade of transparent paint/dye that looks un-natural.


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